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PetExpo is planning a variety of exciting events for the 2021 event, including two All-Breed Championship Dog Shows affiliated to KUSA, Dog Agility and Dog Jumping on a safe, custom-made, physio-advised surface, a Cat Show, Obedience, KUSA Canine Good Citizen, and more.  If you are interested in competing in these events, follow our Facebook Page closely for news on when entries open and how to enter! 



Arne Foss PetExpo WODAC World of Dogs and Cats

Category: Breed

Name: Arne Foss

Home Country: Norway

Affix: Paper Moon


Arne has been involved with dogs since the mid-seventies; his first dog being a Dalmatian, Stokklias Paper Moon. He won Dog of the Year in Norway in 2000, with Paper Moon’s Parisian Maiden, a Whippet. He has enjoyed Best In Shows at the Great Dane, Whippet as well as Sighthound Club Shows and over the years, has achieved accolades for top winning Dalmatians, Great Danes as well as Whippets in Norway. He imported the first Lagotto male into Norway and is now also associated with Shar Pei.

Owned Breeds: Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, Lagottos, Whippets, Great Danes

Shown Breeds: Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, Lagottos, Whippets, Great Danes



Arne judged his first open show in 1990 and was licensed to judge Dalmatians in 1995. An all-breeds judge since 2010, he has judged all over the world. He has also been a member of the Judging Education and Standard Committee, for the Norwegian Kennel Club for many years.


“Being involved with dogs is more than a hobby; but rather a lifestyle. Judging is a responsible business, but one should also have fun! A focus on judging according to breed standard as well as working towards a single, universal breed standard, should be a goal. Apart from that, I enjoy good sportsmanship, happy dogs in the ring as opposed to robots and healthy, clean dogs with short nails and clean teeth!”   

Category: Breed

Name: Steve Dainard

Home Country: Canada

Affix: Kas


Steve hails from a second-generation dog show family. He began showing dogs in the late 70's, initially with Flat Coated Retrievers and later English Springer Spaniels, together with his wife, Kelly. He has shown Springers to the top winning male in Canadian history as well as number one, all breeds status. A bitch bred at Kas also achieved top female in Canadian breed history.  Steve was also an all breeds handler specializing in sporting and herding breeds.

Owned Breeds: Flat Coated Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels, Australian Shepherds

Shown Breeds: Flat Coated Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels, various herding and sporting breeds


Steve is a licensed all-breeds judge with the Canadian Kennel Club and has judged in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Ireland, Australia, South Korea, China and the Philippines.  He has a passion for online judges’ education and works with fellow all-breeds judges on a platform called 'Judges Without Borders'. He has served terms on the executive committee of the Canadian Dog Judges Association as both treasurer and program manager. He had the honor of judging the ESSFTA National Specialty in 2014 and officiated at Westminster Kennel Club in 2018, where he judged the flushing spaniel breeds. 


“I am passionate about the world of pure-bred dogs and have stayed hooked since my first introduction into the sport, in the late seventies! We were taught that the strength of a kennel was the quality of bitches and the purpose of exhibiting was evaluation of breeding stock. With the significant decrease in large, working kennels, this premise may have changed as there are more hobbyists these days, but, in my opinion, it still holds true. I take all judging appointments very seriously and focus on the task of finding the best exhibit. At the same time, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun and of course there is nothing more rewarding than finding the next super star!”   

Steve Dainard PetExpo WODAC World of Dogs and Cats

Category: Breed

Name: Kimmo Mustonen

Home Country: Finland

Affix: Ommik's


Kimmo grew up in North Karelia and attended dogs shows and hunting trials as a youngster. Dogs have always been an important part of his life and he currently breeds and shows Border Terriers with his sister; occasionally also competing in earthdog trials. He has imported several Border Terriers from England to improve his breeding programme and has judged the breed there in 2017.

Owned Breeds: Saint Bernards, Hunting Spitz and Finnish Hounds

Shown Breeds: Border Terriers



Kimmo became a dog show judge in 2010 and can officiate in FCI groups 2,3,4,9 and 10. He is currently also a learner judge for Groups 1, 5 and 6. He serves as a member of the Finnish Kennel Club’s board and is the chairman of the show and judges committee. He has also served as a board member of the Finnish Dog Show Judges Society as well as chairman for the Border Terrier Club of Finland.


“ I view judging as a responsible job and believe that one needs to be faithful to the origins and standards of each breed. I welcome opportunities to engage with other judges about different breeds and to learn more about the terrier breeds; visiting the UK often, for this purpose.  I have judged in 18 countries thus far and embrace each judging appointment with enthusiasm and passion. I firmly believe that dogs are not just a hobby, but a way of life”.

Kimmo Mustonen PetExpo WODAC World of Dogs and Cats

Category: Breed

Name: Stephanie Rickard

Home Country: Australia

Affix: Wongan


I entered the world of purebred dogs in 1970 with English Springer Spaniels and since then, together with my husband David, I have bred 116 champions and made up another 24 in ESS, American Cockers and Papillons. Among them are many Best in Show winners; including Royal Melbourne Show and more than twenty-five breed Specialties. "Wongan" bred English Springer Spaniels hold the record for breed Specialty BIS in Australia. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was Top Toy Dog in Australia in 2007 and, since 2010, we have been involved with Papillons. 

Owned Breeds: English Springer Spaniels, Miniature Poodles, American Cockers, Pointers, English Cockers, Fox Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Papillons

Shown Breeds: All of the above plus Bull Terriers, Border Terriers, Irish Setters


I have held executive positions on Specialty and All Breeds Clubs, I am a Life Member of the Victorian English Springer Spaniel Club and Metropolitan Canine Association and, since 1993, I have held an All Breeds judging license. I am also an accredited ANKC Tester for licensing dog judges. As a retired teacher, I am passionate about Education and have been involved in Judges' Training for a number of years and this year I am working with the Non-Sporting Group Trainee Judges. 

I have judged in The Philippines, U.S.A., Finland, Sweden, Canada, India, Singapore, U.K., Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, China, Norway, Sth Korea and Taiwan as well as extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand. I have been fortunate to judge Papillons at Manchester, UK and at the Norwegian Winners’ Show as well as several specialty shows both here and overseas, including the Curly Coated Retriever Club and Jack Russell Terrier Club of Finland, the Canadian Keeshond National, the English Springer Spaniel Club of Sweden and the Southern ESS Society UK Championship Show. I am very much looking forward to judging for you.


“Judging is a passion! As a breeder, one ignites and fans the flame of this passion by immersing oneself in the breed, watching for particular hallmarks and characteristics in the hope that there is at least one top shelf puppy in every litter. Constant analysis of the elements that make up the correct breed type is a time consuming but most enjoyable task. I devour breed books, books about anatomy and movement and books about judging. I surf the net in search of information on these topics. I engage in long discussions with other breeders and judges, all the time adding to my knowledge and understanding. In the ring, I judge the dog on the day, searching for those exhibits that are the embodiment of their breed; judging the overall dog, whilst all along remembering Annie Rogers Clark’s words. 'An untypical dog that is sound is worthless; A typical dog that is sound is priceless'. Judging is a passion!”.

Stephanie Rickard PetExpo WODAC World of Dogs and Cats