Border Collie Rescue: A Background

A Border Collie is a friendly, loyal, responsive, active, and intelligent dog. This breed needs a “job “to do, like sheep herding, competing in agility and flyball or dancing with dogs, or obedience, playing fetch, and learning tricks.

These very people-orientated dogs love to be with their humans and become devoted to their owners.

They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation; without it they will become bored and frustrated leading to unwanted behaviors, causing distress and expense to their owners, which ultimately lands them in the care of a rescue organistation.

In 1997, Border Collie Rescue (BCR) Gauteng, a Non-Profit Organization Nr. 006 620 grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the ever-increasing number of unwanted and misunderstood Border Collies. Since then the handful of BCR volunteers have worked intensely to re-home approximately 8000 Border Collies, approximate 400 dogs per year.

Their objectives are:

  • Educate the public about the Border Collie (BC)

  • Find adoptive homes for unwanted BC’s.

  • Provide rehabilitation for abused BC’s.

  • Provide foster homes for abandoned BC’s.

  • Raise funds to cover the operating costs of BCR i.e. sterilization, kenneling fees, veterinary expenses, transport, telephone, and other expenses.

If you consider a BC as a pet knowing the requirements for their care, why not give a rescue dog a second chance in life? BCR has a saying “Saving the life of one dog won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog.

If you would like to lend them a hand please contact:

Julie Morris for Rehoming or Adoptions

Tel: 011 395 2259

Cell: 082-887-9668 or

Dina-Vera Schmittknecht (DV) for General Enquiries

Cell:082 772 8525 or

Facebook: Border-Collie-Rescue-SA

Twitter & Instagram #CollierescueSA

Donations are always most welcome:

Bank Details:

Account Name: Border Collie Rescue

Standard Bank Cresta

Account Nr: 226 387 399

Tax certificates are supplied on request for donations.


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