Colour Coding For Dogs

Did you know there is a color-coding system used by dog owners to signify specific health or behavioral issues that their pets might have? Colored leads, ribbons or even bandanas are used to indicate levels of socialization, disabilities or whether the dog is a working dog and should not be petted. Even if your dog doesn’t fall into any of these specific categories, it is important to be aware of the system, so that you can preempt potential issues with dogs you may encounter. Here is how to decipher the code:

Green – I am friendly and well socialized and enjoy meeting new dogs and their humans. Yellow – Please give me some space. I am nervous around strangers; not aggressive, but please approach with caution. Red – I may become aggressive if approached by a person or another animal. White – I cannot hear you/see you Blue – I am learning new things/working dog and need to concentrate; please do not distract me. Purple – Please do not feed me Regardless of the color, it is always important to ask the dog owner if you can touch their pet.

Spreading the word about the use if colored leashes etc. is a step towards encouraging responsible dog ownership, by ensuring that dogs are given space and support when out and about with their owners.


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