Living With A Saluki

No other breed like it.

Independent, wilful, affectionate, undemonstrative, intelligent, independent, quiet, clean, elegant, graceful, gentle, agile, independent, amusing, exotic, beautiful, spirited, athletic, intuitive, independent, communicative, attractive, vocal, independent, loyal, protective, fast, disobedient, trainable, civilized, aloof, comfort-seeking, independent, compassionate, mischievous, easy, difficult, independent, long-lived, destructive, faithful, companionable, charming, fascinating, composed.... oh, and did I mention independent?

Why choose a Saluki?

The package that is a Saluki was created many thousands of years ago to live and work in a harsh, hunting environment. For centuries, Salukis have been revered as something very special - a "Gift of Allah", and were set quite apart from the ordinary "kelb" (filthy dogs) that roamed the streets. In our Western homes, Salukis remain special - they need to live in special homes and be loved by special people. Salukis are exotic, beautiful, and spirited. They do not shed heavily, they are clean, and never have that awful doggy smell, even when wet. They do not drool like some slobbering breeds. They are never clumsy and do not cause damage with their uncontrollably waggy tails. They are intelligent, intuitive, and can usually read your mood very successfully. They try hard to communicate with you by grunting and groaning softly at your kind touch, or by using their paws to attract your attention, to ask for something, or to plead for more scratching. Salukis can be quite vocal and often gleefully erupt into song at a given cue. When they grow out of their mischievous adolescence, they develop into elegant, loyal, independent and affectionate house companions.

Fleetwind Saluki Joy McFarlane
Fleetwind Moulin Rouge - copyright Joy McFarlane

So you want to be owned by a Saluki?

There are several issues to consider before you consider making the commitment:

Does a Saluki need a lot of my attention?

Being independent, he is not likely to follow you from room to room but likes to know where you are and will settle down to sleep nearby. They do not demand constant attention like some breeds who feel the need to play with their humans all day, but your company is an important part of your Saluki's life. He will not thrive if he must live in isolation during your working day, and again during weekends when you go visiting. Salukis are highly sociable with their own kind and need lots of other Saluki friends. They’re not the easiest to train. They don’t need a lot of supervised exercise.

Are Salukis prone to any genetic disease or veterinary disorders?

Unlike most large breed dogs, hip dysplasia and other genetic diseases are very rare. Sighthounds do not react favourably to regular veterinary anaesthetic, so a sedative or human anaesthetic is usually administered. In old age, Salukis can succumb to typical canine diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, or heart disease.

Is a Saluki compatible with children and other pets?

Yes, if they grow up with them. Remember though, that children should be taught to treat all animals with kindness and respect. You should not leave your young child unsupervised with any pet.

Information provided by Joy McFarlane and Elrena Stadler

Fleetwind Salukis


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