Meet The Boxer

An energetic, courageous, playful breed that demands attention from their owners. Boxers are of German descent and are classified as a Working breed. Being a versatile breed, they were used as messenger dogs, pack carriers and attack dogs in times of war.

They are usually not dog-aggressive, and with proper socialisation they are generally patient with smaller dogs, puppies and larger adult dogs, though difficulties with adult dogs of the same sex may occur.

They’re affectionate with their family members but distrustful of strangers and generally very good with children which makes them nice family dogs. Of course, good training is always required to maintain control and safety, and children should never be permitted to play with any breed of dog unsupervised.

The short coat makes grooming relatively easy. They are an active, and large breed so they need adequate space and a higher food budget. Their diet should be high in good quality calories derived from lean animal protein, vegetables and fruits. As with any breed, they are prone to certain genetic health concerns, so owners will need to budget for veterinary care.

They are strong and active, requiring lots of exercise to prevent unwanted behaviours resulting from boredom, like chewing, digging, etc.

They are highly intelligent and easy to train. They benefit from positive reinforcement training techniques such as shaping and clicker training to tire out their minds. They can be successful in agility, obedience and flyball.

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