Myths of Raw...Chewed Out

Myth #1

Raw feeding is not a balanced diet

Fact: An all-muscle-meat diet is definitely not a balanced diet. Your pet also needs bones and organ meat to obtain all the proper nutrients. Remember that your pet does not necessarily need vegetables and that most of the nutrients are unavailable to them. The alternative? Feeding a whole prey diet.

RST Pets and Primal Raw uses the whole prey diet method and meals are made using premium quality meat, bone and organ that provide all the relative fat, proteins, minerals, and enzymes your pet needs.

Myth #2

Raw contains bacteria that will make your pet sick

Fact: Raw should be frozen immediately after production and only defrosted as required. Raw, like with any other food, will pick up bacteria if not stored and prepared correctly. Meals are to be kept frozen and defrosted a few hours before feeding. Raw pet food should not be kept out in poor conditions or exposed to the elements or insects. It is also important that, as normal, you keep up your pets regular health checks including deworming.

RST Pets and Primal Raw takes the utmost care by freezing meals as they are produced. Meals are always kept frozen in packaging which prevents contamination.

Myth #3

Feeding raw to pets causes aggression and makes them “blood thirsty”

Fact: A pet’s behaviour is not affected by what it eats. Its is important to understand that your pet will behave the way it is allowed to or has been “trained” to. Cats, for example, are natural hunters and will do this all on their own. Prey drive is a determination of genetics, obedience training and how a pet’s behaviour is managed.

Primal Raw products are also a great reward during training with your pets.

Myth #4

Feeding Raw is time-consuming and complicated

Fact: If you are planning to grab your bow and arrow to hunt down prey and prepare it yourself, you probably will need a lot more time on your hands. However, choosing to buy your complete meals is no more time-consuming than shopping for yourself. Preparation to feed is simply thaw and serve.

RST Pets will help you put together a meal plan of Primal Raw products, will offer preparation tips, and will provide constant support as needed.

Information provided by RST Pets, official distributor of Primal Raw products - biologically appropriate foods for dogs and cats.

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