Special Rate for Accredited Welfare Organisations

We recognise and respect the valuable contribution that rescue and welfare organisations make to the plight of many animals in our country. With this in mind, we are offering accredited welfare organisations a standard 64% discounted rate of R6000 per stand (9 square meters), if secured and paid for by end March 2020. All welfare organisations represented at PetExpo need to comply, at the very least, with the requirements of a registered NPO or NPC, outlined as follows:

  • Registered NPO’s are required to supply Minutes of the last AGM held;

  • Details are required of all Office Bearers including their roles and responsibilities;

  • Proof of banking details, which should be in the name of the NPO/NPC;

  • Recent Audited Financial Statements;

  • NPO’s are required to provide their Annual Report, as submitted to the Department of Welfare as well as their Constitution;

  • NPC’s are required to supply copies of their Annual reports as well as their MOI, as submitted to CIPC;

  • If registered with SARS as a PBO, proof of such registration.

PetExpo's top priority is to promote education and awareness of responsible pet ownership and this includes creating awareness of ethical rescue & welfare organisations . We acknowledge that they are critically important for the preservation of our beloved pets and we endeavour to be inclusive for the betterment of all. An ambitious event of this magnitude carries huge cost burdens such as venue hire, safety & security, shell schemes, medical staff, advertising, staff, insurance, and much more. We are extremely blessed to have support from our amazing sponsors, but as with any venture, the expenses have to be covered. The cost of a normal shell scheme stand is R16560 including VAT, so our offer to rescues & welfares is a reduction of 64%. The cost to exhibit has increased from previous years and we are investing a much larger budget into advertising, education and awareness to reach a far greater audience. While we recognise that R6000 inc VAT is still a large investment for NPOs, the suggestion to offer them free stands is regrettably unsustainable. Anyone wishing to discuss this in more detail, get further information or to secure a space is welcome to contact Louis on 061 503 4686 or hello@petexpo.co.za.

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We hope to see you there!


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