Tips for Trouble Free Travelling With Your Pet

It’s holiday time! Many of us choose to enjoy our leisure and holiday time with our pets rather than kennel them or hire a pet sitter. Of course, we know they enjoy this too! It is essential to plan ahead, for both car as well as airline travel, to avoid any issues. Here are some useful tips to help make a car journey easier.

Car Travel

  • Plan ahead! Ascertain where your stops will be. Puppies and kittens will need more frequent stops than mature dogs and cats. Wherever you stop, ensure that your pet is on a lead and show courtesy towards other travellers and scoop that poop!

  • Ensure that your pets are microchipped and wear collars with name tags, which should include all your contact details, should they get lost.

  • Car safety for pets is as important as it is for humans. A travel crate is a great way to ensure your pets safety and prevent driver distractions during the trip. Pet harnesses and car hammocks are other alternatives.

  • Take your own water with or use bottled water. The change in water can result in upset tummies; nasty at any time but especially on a long trip.

  • Ensure that vaccination records are up to date and keep your vaccination books in the car. This should include rabies, especially for trips to KwaZulu- Natal.

  • Your pets should also be treated for ticks and fleas as well as dewormed prior to travelling.

  • Exercise great caution with open car windows during a trip. A pet should never be allowed to lean out of the window; whilst they might be enjoying the wind in their face, it might result in an insect flying into an ear or eye…and a vet visit. Dogs should never be allowed to travel loose on an open vehicle; the consequences should something go wrong are most serious.

  • Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle, especially during hot weather. Temperatures climb very quickly in a stationery vehicle and the consequences might be fatal.

  • Some pets may suffer from travel sickness; there are a number of different remedies to assist with this, so check in with your vet if you experience this problem. Any pet prone to this should not be fed just prior to departure.

  • Some pets might enjoy a tasty treat to chew on during the trip, to prevent boredom. Do ensure that it is not one that they might choke on.


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