What Online Dog Training is Available?

Currently, public parks, dog schools, competition grounds, sports grounds and beaches are still closed to dogs and their owners. We think. Maybe? Let us go with ‘definitely’ for the time being to err on the side of caution. Responsible dog owners are concerned for their dog’s behavioural and physical wellbeing, and some dogs are exhibiting unwanted behaviours because of the changes to their normal routines and/or boredom. Owners of new puppies are especially concerned about not being able to socialise their pups to new things, sounds, people, and dogs during their critical socialisation period. But Dogdom has adapted with incredible style and many clever canine professionals have created online courses to help us cope.

We asked our Facebook followers for South African-based, positive reinforcement dog trainers offering online classes. Below is a list of their fantastic offerings. Support these small local businesses by enrolling, and reap the lifelong benefits of a happy, well-behaved canine companion. Choose the most appropriate to your dog’s age, preferences, physical capabilities and the space and equipment available in your home.

1. Well-known, highly esteemed Agility Coaches Noelene Pretorius and Chantal Karyta are running some amazing online options:

Agility Foundations

The exercises require some equipment such as agility jumps, a tunnel, some cones, and a reasonably sizeable garden. Even if you do not have all of that, there are plenty valuable lessons to get you started and with their guidance, you can be creative with equipment substitutes.

Private Agility Lessons:

For a personalised curriculum to tackle your dog’s unique challenges.

Tricks Class:

C’mon, who doesn’t love a cute furkid tricks?!

Life Skills:

For dogs of all ages, including puppies.

Contact Details:

https://www.facebook.com/noelene.pretorius | 0834008827

https://www.facebook.com/chantal.karyta | 0662740836

2. McKaynine Training Centre, owned by highly educated and well-know Shannon Mckay, is offering four fabulous, enriching, boredom-busting courses for dogs and their owners of any age or level of experience:

Scent Work:

Take advantage of your dog’s primary sense - smell!

Brain ‘n Body:

Use common household items to keep your dog’s body and mind fit, with the added benefit of improved focus, impulse control, and injury prevention.

Elementary Obedience:

Improve your dog’s leash manners, sit down and up sit on verbal cue, examination by the owner, back up and sit and down stays!

Puppy Class:

For the baby dogs!


info@mckaynine.co.za to enquire.

More here: www.mckaynine.co.za

3. Furry Tails Dog Training is running five one-of-a-kind online modules to help stimulate dogs, by talented and beautiful coaches, Sonelle and Anelize van Wyk. Each is designed to focus on a specific aspect, but the awesome thing is that ALL dogs can do all of them! Any age or breed.

Body Module:

Keep your dog physically strong.

Sport Module:

Discover your dog’s sporty side.

Mind Module:

Mentally challenge your dog.

Trick Module:

Show off to your friends.

Agility Module:

Create a future agility star.

They also offer individually crafted online agility classes.


To enrol email anelize@furrytails.co.za

Find out more about them here: www.facebook.com/furrytailspetservices

4. Kathy Clayton, a highly qualified Animal Behaviourist and founder of KC Dog School offering something really fun and cute!

Beginner Dog Dancing:

Learn the thrill and art of performing tricks and dance moves with your dog to your favourite song.

Choosing the Best Music for Dancing with Dogs:

Learn from Kathy’s long experience how best to choose the ideal song for your routine.


Email kcdogs@global.co.za to enrol, and learn more about them here: https://www.kcdogschool.com/

5. Experienced Agility Handler and Coach, Renee Prinsloo from Canine Performance Centre is running superbly useful online classes.

Puppy Class:

Basic obedience, games and tricks to set your dog up for a champion working dog or a family friend.

Beginner Tricks:

A clicker based curriculum of beginner tricks and games to build their confidence.


Email caninepc1@gmail.com or call 083 225 4846 to enroll.

Pop in to their facebook page: www.facebook.com/CaninePC1

6. Mignon du Preez of Dog on the Couch is offering a super cool 6 week course!

Your Dog’s Personal Online Training Course in Basic Obedience & Good Manners:

Teach your dog to give you their undivided attention, sit, lie down, sit-stay and down-stay, recall, loose-leash walking, and practical applications of everything!


Call Mignon on 082 933 9992 or email dogonthecouch@gmail.com to enroll,

Find out more about him here: https://www.facebook.com/DogOnTheCouchForDogs/

Find this graphic on our Facebook Page, comment with a review or recommendation of your favourite South African online dog training course, and stand a chance to win a R500 donation to your choice of accredited Welfare Organisation, sponsored by PetExpo.


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